What’s Your State of Mind?

Have you ever use a mental alarm clock for getting up in the morning? Just by saying yourself to time to wake up, how your mind wake up you exactly at that time? Or else have you heard the name of Roger banister that set a record in running? Fifty years ago where experts believed that a mile of running was not possible in less than 4 minute, how Roger Banister broke that record, what was his mindset? How one person’s beliefs change the mindset of everyone? There are lots of examples but one thing is common in all and that is they all had strong self-belief?

Your beliefs, emotion, and habits control by the subconscious mind. We underestimate the power of the subconscious mind just because of our ego (conscious mind). The part of your brain you are aware of is the conscious mind. On the flip side the part of the brain you are unaware of is subconscious. Both mind work together, if not, result is harmful like poor health, destructive relationship, and temper outbursts.

 Most of your habits and emotions haphazardly and usually conditioned in by parents, teachers, peers, TV and recently perhaps computer games, when you were not aware. All this information stored in your subconscious mind forever, if you do not reprogram your subconscious mind.

You can easily access your subconscious mind by an altered state of mind like daydreaming, sleep deprivation, drug-induced hallucinogenic state. Your subconscious mind have 4 states, beta, alpha, theta, delta.

State     Brain wave frequency       Result               Comments
BETA              14- 100                     awake                  very busy
ALPHA           8-13                      meditative            high learning
THETA            4-7                     inspirational          global thinking
DELTA         3 and lower            sleep                  no conscious awareness

We are beta state most of our awake hours; we normally go alpha state many times each day but just for few second. Usually when you are in daydreaming or when you bored, you stared but your concentration did not on the things. When you are in the alpha state you lose track of the time it’s like you may have stared at the wall for 5 minute but you think you were starring just for a second.

Here alpha and theta state are doorways to your subconscious mind and this stage  you can reprogram your subconscious mind . At this time your mind accepts suggestions and command but  these commands are relatively ineffective when your mind is on the beta state, where conscious mind dominates.

To use your subconscious mind effectively, you have to learn to go to the alpha state at will and stay there. Going to alpha state is easy and you naturally go into it many times every day, just for a few seconds. When you wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, you go from delta to beta and beta to delta respectively; as you do you pass through alpha and theta state. So twice each day you have the opportunity to reprogram your mind!

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An Amazing Secrets of Life

Isn’t it quite amazing to know a secret of life? Life is about finding balance. As a car balance on four wheels, so we must learn how to balance four core areas of life like personal life, relationship, working life, and social contribution. Attitude is like pressure in the tire, so if the tire does not have at the correct pressure, we will never reach our destination.

As you know, life is full of challenges, and happiness does not come automatically. We should learn how to tackle a situation with a positive mindset and Self-belief.We can learn from anything around us. An ice cream teaches us that we should enjoy every moment of our life before it melts away,And a candle shows us that we should give light to others before it melts, so we can say life is a journey from being self (ice cream) to become selfless (candle).

We can balance our life by applying some specific principle in a different area of life :

Personal life:  

  • We can grow only by the law of gratitude. Gratitude is not a feeling, its a state of mind that can be developed, and it connects us with unlimited positive energy.
  • It’s essential to know the power of the pause. Otherwise, we will miss many beautiful moments of our life, so say thank you everything around you and reciprocate through the action of giving back.
  • Spiritual practices are a base of happiness. We must connect with something above ourselves such as God. this energy guide us in every moment of life and give us the power to spread happiness and joy around the world.


  • We should be sensitive to our words and action. Being vulnerable means every time we speak or do something, we know how other people may feel.
  • We can practice being sensitive by treating an inanimate object with considerations and respect. If we do not do that, the mentality of insensitivity becomes our habit, and we don’t discriminate between things and people.
  • Sometimes it becomes very challenging to see best in people. There is an ideal stage for any relationship is to discern good and evil and choose only good, neglect the bad.
  • Learn to see beyond the situation. When people act harshly towards us, most of the time they are suffering too, this is called empathy. On a personal level, we can forgive a person.
  • On a social level, there should be strict justice to create an orderly society. So that no one can be able to break the law and get away with it in the name of forgiveness. 


  • At work, we are always competing with others instead of competing with ourselves.
  • Competition is a mindset. We have to redefine it, Open minded people grow by developing themselves, every day they keep striving to become a better version of themselves.
  • To find your purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self-discovery. The foundation of growth is the understanding of who you are. 
  • There is the only way to know your potential competes with yourself. For self-discovery, we need to answer this question, i.e., what are our tendencies? What do we like? What do we dislike? What do we want to be in the future? 
  • We have to understand that everyone gifted with extraordinary talent and skill, so every one is unique. If God were to reveal that talent to us straight away, from the very day we were born, there would be no excitement in our journey. God covers our expertise, skill, and potential only so that we have the chance to discover it.
  •  Self-discovery is not a one-time event but an ongoing evolution, as life goes on, we discover how much we are capable of achieving. So we need to unwrap multiple layers before we can find our true potential  

Social contribution:  

  • Life is a journey from being selfish to becoming selfless. Selflessness starts at home. Relationships at home can work well only if we have low expectations of each other but a great mental attitude to help others.
  • We can expand our selflessness nature beyond our family to serving our community to the city and even nation. We need an attitude of service.

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Make Your Attitudes Your Allies

Can You Read Mind? Reading minds is easier than you think. Perhaps you’ve never thought of it, but you read the mind of others and they read your mind, every day. People speak without a sound. How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are a mirror of the mind. They reflect thinking.

Grow these three attitudes. Make them your allies in everything you do:

1.The attitude of I’m activated:

To activate others, to get them to be enthusiastic, You must first be enthusiastic yourself. Enthusiasm can make things 1,100 percent better. Two things to do to activate yourself are:

Dig into it deeper. When you find yourself uninterested in something, Keep digging and you’re certain to find some common interest. Keep digging and you will eventually discover a fascinating person.

In everything do, Life it up. Enthusiasm or lack of it, shows through in everything you do and say. Life up your handshaking , when you shake hands, Make your handclasp say, “I’m glad to know you”.Life up your smiles.Smile with your eyes. Nobody likes an artificial, Pasted-on, rubbery smile.Life up you thank you and your talk because when you make a habit of colouring your words with sincere feeling you will notice a great uptake in your ability to hold attention.

2. The attitude of You are important:

Ponder on that. Everyone, yes everyone -your neighbor, you, your partner, your boss- has a natural desire to feel he is “somebody”. It is strongest, compelling and non-biological hunger. Most folks look at another person and think, “He can’t do anything to me. Therefore, he’s not important” but right there is status where people make a basic blunder. The other person, regardless of his or his income, is important to you and for two giant, dollar- and -cents reason:

The first giant reason, make someone feel important, and he cares about you. And when he cares about you, he does more for you.

Second, when you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.Praise is power, Invest the praise you receive from your superior. Pass praise on down to your subordinates, where it will encourage still greater performance. When you share praise, other people know you sincerely appreciate their value.

3.The attitude of Service first:

Want to make money? Then get the put service first attitude, As we know money is the power to give your family and yourself the standard of living. Everywhere you see the people with a “money-first” attitude. Yet these same people always have little money. Why? Simple this: People with a money first attitude become so money conscious that they forget money can’t be harvested unless they plant the seeds that grow the money and the seed of money is service. That’s why “put service first” is an attitude that creates wealth because you don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance, you get a raise only by demonstrating better performance. The producer who enjoys the largest profits from the movies puts entertainment ahead of money. Rather than chisel the moviegoer, he does everything possible to give people more and better entertainment then they expect to get, So people like the movie, it gets a good review and it makes money.

Here is a simple but powerful rule that will help you to develop the put-service-first-attitude: Always give people more then they expect to get. Each little extra something you do for others is a money seed, giving customers extra service is a money seed because it brings the customer back.

 I hope you will like it. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this post. Thank you!


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Programming Yourself For Success

Manage Your Environment:

Our mind is the most delicate and sensitive instrument, the body is what the body is fed. By the same token, the mind is what the mind is fed. Mind food is your environment- all the countless things that influence our conscious and subconscious thought. And this food determines our habit, attitude finally personality. Each of us blessed with some kind of hidden talent but how much we can develop this talent that depends on the kind of mind food we feed it.

Suppressive forces :

The number one obstacle on the road to high-level success is the feeling that major accomplishment is beyond reach. This suppressive force directs our thinking towards a mediocre level.

Psychological sunshine:

Restricting your social environment to the same small group produce boredom, dullness, dissatisfaction. Remember that for success you should be expert in understanding people. Making new friends, join new organization enlarge your social orbit, do select friends who have views different from your own, as a narrow individual hasn’t much future. Associate with opposites but just be sure they are a person with real potential.

Avoid gossip :

It is like thought poison, affects mind not the body. Thought poison is subtle but it accomplishes “big” things. It reduces the size of our thinking by forcing us to concentrate on petty, unimportant things. It wraps and twist our thinking about people because it is based on distortion of facts, and creates a guilt feeling in us that shows through when we meet the person we’ve gossiped about.The conversation is a big part of our psychological environment. Healthy conversation encourage you. It makes you feel like you’re taking a walk in the warm sunshine of a spring day

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How to Overcome Fear And Build Confidence

Today mostly fear is psychological, like body infection we can cure psychological infection too. Yes, fear is real and we must recognize it before we conquer it. Fear explains why we still have an economic recession and why millions of people accomplish little and enjoy little.

Action cures fear and the same time indecision, Postponement fertilize it. When we face a tough situation, we stay mired in the mud until we take action. Please remember our brain is like a bank. Every day we deposit thought in our mind bank after some time this deposits grow and become our memory, so in any situation, you can take help from your memory bank and he delivers thought you deposited earlier. So deposit only positive thought in your memory bank.

Successful people specialize in putting positive thought in their memory bank. It is just like what kind of performance would your car deliver if every morning before you left for work, you scooped up a double handful of dirt and put it into your crankcase? Negative thought deposits in your mind affect your mind in the same way , so in any kind of situation concentrate only good part of  the experience and lets the others fade away , and your confidence, that feeling on the top of the world, will zoom upward and you will take a big step forward conquering your fear.

We can overcome fear and build confidence by following these simple steps:

  • 1.    Action cures fear
  • 2    Get a balanced view of the other fellow.
  • 3.    Put positive thoughts in your memory bank
  • 4.    Always be a front seater.

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Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The Failure Disease

The reason people fail is because of their negative thought process, called excusitis.

It is like any other disease. It gets worse if not treated on time. The victim begins to give excuses for not doing well. With time it becomes his habit to make excuses. He chooses this state as a permanent state because the thought is now deep in his subconscious mind.

It times to vaccinate yourself against this mind deadening disease but first of all it is very important to understand the forms of excusitis:

  1. Health Excusitis: Millions of people suffer from this disease yet we can come out from it by our right attitude. We can resolve it by avoiding any negative talk and worry about our health
  2. Intellect Excusitis: You have to understand that your negative thinking guides your intelligence which further decides your action too.
  3. Age Excusitis: Age is not important as how you see yourself is what matters.
  4. Luck Excusitis: This can be understood by accepting the Universal law of Cause and Effect. The law states that just because of your particular thought process or behaviour and action, you create specific effect on your life. That effect is your luck!

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The Magic Of Thinking Big

According to the author, for success in every aspect of your life, you should strongly believe in yourself.   A strong believer can move mountains and there is nothing magical about it. It is possible only by the power of a positive mindset nothing else. Once you believe that you can do anything, then things begin to happen. Your belief attracts the people and resources which would make you successful.

Most people think that for reaching the top, they should compromise at every step of their life. In reality, you can make your life blissful just by thinking big and by giving a positive response towards any situation instead of just reacting to it.

Successful people have enormous setbacks in their lives but their strong belief in themselves and big thinking makes them different and creates breakthroughs for them.

After self-analysis author found that initiative is the most important key to achieve anything in life which completely depends on the power of your belief.

Our mind is a thought-factory which manufactures countless thoughts in a single day. We can categorize those thoughts in two categories— Mr Triumph and Mr Defeat. Both categories of thoughts are very obedient to us. Mr Triumph guides us with its positive thoughts and gives countless reason that you can do anything. Mr Defeat, on the other hand, has only negative thoughts and can give a thousand reasons why you can’t do something. It’s completely in our hands which category of thoughts we give preference to.

Anyone can acquire the power of belief by following some simple steps in their life:

  1. Focus only successes, not failures.
  2. Remind yourself that you are far better than you think you are.
  3. Finally, believe big as the size of our belief decides the size of our success.

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Create Your Most Wonderful Life

Dare to believe in yourself.

Believe that the things you are going to do will work out for you as perfectly as you have imagined them. You must have a clear and compelling vision in your head even before you begin. Visualize your self having reached your goal and already living your dream. Believe in that vision without even a shadow of a doubt. 

A vivid vision and an unshakable belief. Those are the only two ingredients you need to create your most wonderful life!

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