Cure Yourself of Excusitis, The Failure Disease

The reason people fail is because of their negative thought process, called excusitis.

It is like any other disease. It gets worse if not treated on time. The victim begins to give excuses for not doing well. With time it becomes his habit to make excuses. He chooses this state as a permanent state because the thought is now deep in his subconscious mind.

It times to vaccinate yourself against this mind deadening disease but first of all it is very important to understand the forms of excusitis:

  1. Health Excusitis: Millions of people suffer from this disease yet we can come out from it by our right attitude. We can resolve it by avoiding any negative talk and worry about our health
  2. Intellect Excusitis: You have to understand that your negative thinking guides your intelligence which further decides your action too.
  3. Age Excusitis: Age is not important as how you see yourself is what matters.
  4. Luck Excusitis: This can be understood by accepting the Universal law of Cause and Effect. The law states that just because of your particular thought process or behaviour and action, you create specific effect on your life. That effect is your luck!

Hope you like my post. Your insight would be much appreciated. Thank You!


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