How to Overcome Fear And Build Confidence

Today mostly fear is psychological, like body infection we can cure psychological infection too. Yes, fear is real and we must recognize it before we conquer it. Fear explains why we still have an economic recession and why millions of people accomplish little and enjoy little.

Action cures fear and the same time indecision, Postponement fertilize it. When we face a tough situation, we stay mired in the mud until we take action. Please remember our brain is like a bank. Every day we deposit thought in our mind bank after some time this deposits grow and become our memory, so in any situation, you can take help from your memory bank and he delivers thought you deposited earlier. So deposit only positive thought in your memory bank.

Successful people specialize in putting positive thought in their memory bank. It is just like what kind of performance would your car deliver if every morning before you left for work, you scooped up a double handful of dirt and put it into your crankcase? Negative thought deposits in your mind affect your mind in the same way , so in any kind of situation concentrate only good part of  the experience and lets the others fade away , and your confidence, that feeling on the top of the world, will zoom upward and you will take a big step forward conquering your fear.

We can overcome fear and build confidence by following these simple steps:

  • 1.    Action cures fear
  • 2    Get a balanced view of the other fellow.
  • 3.    Put positive thoughts in your memory bank
  • 4.    Always be a front seater.

Hope you like my post. Your insight would be much appreciated. Thank You!


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8 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear And Build Confidence

  1. Our western/Greek heritage is built on a system of deprecating the human as a worthless subservient, lucky to be alive and grateful “god” tolerates us enough to allow it. The truth is we are awesome and there is nothing in the universe but different phases of life. It’s all life, and the sooner we can abandon the current mythology, the sooner we can move beyond a belief mode of godly subjugation.
    Thanks for stopping by. Excellent post!

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