Programming Yourself For Success

Manage Your Environment:

Our mind is the most delicate and sensitive instrument, the body is what the body is fed. By the same token, the mind is what the mind is fed. Mind food is your environment- all the countless things that influence our conscious and subconscious thought. And this food determines our habit, attitude finally personality. Each of us blessed with some kind of hidden talent but how much we can develop this talent that depends on the kind of mind food we feed it.

Suppressive forces :

The number one obstacle on the road to high-level success is the feeling that major accomplishment is beyond reach. This suppressive force directs our thinking towards a mediocre level.

Psychological sunshine:

Restricting your social environment to the same small group produce boredom, dullness, dissatisfaction. Remember that for success you should be expert in understanding people. Making new friends, join new organization enlarge your social orbit, do select friends who have views different from your own, as a narrow individual hasn’t much future. Associate with opposites but just be sure they are a person with real potential.

Avoid gossip :

It is like thought poison, affects mind not the body. Thought poison is subtle but it accomplishes “big” things. It reduces the size of our thinking by forcing us to concentrate on petty, unimportant things. It wraps and twist our thinking about people because it is based on distortion of facts, and creates a guilt feeling in us that shows through when we meet the person we’ve gossiped about.The conversation is a big part of our psychological environment. Healthy conversation encourage you. It makes you feel like you’re taking a walk in the warm sunshine of a spring day

Hope you like my post. Your insight would be much appreciated. Thank You!


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One thought on “Programming Yourself For Success

  1. Nothing like gossip to poison the well before meeting someone. I had an experience long ago with that. I was suspect of the guy for quite some time. Turned out to be one of my best friends. Made me wonder what they say about me! Thanks! Great post

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