Make Your Attitudes Your Allies

Can You Read Mind? Reading minds is easier than you think. Perhaps you’ve never thought of it, but you read the mind of others and they read your mind, every day. People speak without a sound. How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are a mirror of the mind. They reflect thinking.

Grow these three attitudes. Make them your allies in everything you do:

1.The attitude of I’m activated:

To activate others, to get them to be enthusiastic, You must first be enthusiastic yourself. Enthusiasm can make things 1,100 percent better. Two things to do to activate yourself are:

Dig into it deeper. When you find yourself uninterested in something, Keep digging and you’re certain to find some common interest. Keep digging and you will eventually discover a fascinating person.

In everything do, Life it up. Enthusiasm or lack of it, shows through in everything you do and say. Life up your handshaking , when you shake hands, Make your handclasp say, “I’m glad to know you”.Life up your smiles.Smile with your eyes. Nobody likes an artificial, Pasted-on, rubbery smile.Life up you thank you and your talk because when you make a habit of colouring your words with sincere feeling you will notice a great uptake in your ability to hold attention.

2. The attitude of You are important:

Ponder on that. Everyone, yes everyone -your neighbor, you, your partner, your boss- has a natural desire to feel he is “somebody”. It is strongest, compelling and non-biological hunger. Most folks look at another person and think, “He can’t do anything to me. Therefore, he’s not important” but right there is status where people make a basic blunder. The other person, regardless of his or his income, is important to you and for two giant, dollar- and -cents reason:

The first giant reason, make someone feel important, and he cares about you. And when he cares about you, he does more for you.

Second, when you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.Praise is power, Invest the praise you receive from your superior. Pass praise on down to your subordinates, where it will encourage still greater performance. When you share praise, other people know you sincerely appreciate their value.

3.The attitude of Service first:

Want to make money? Then get the put service first attitude, As we know money is the power to give your family and yourself the standard of living. Everywhere you see the people with a “money-first” attitude. Yet these same people always have little money. Why? Simple this: People with a money first attitude become so money conscious that they forget money can’t be harvested unless they plant the seeds that grow the money and the seed of money is service. That’s why “put service first” is an attitude that creates wealth because you don’t get a raise on the promise of better performance, you get a raise only by demonstrating better performance. The producer who enjoys the largest profits from the movies puts entertainment ahead of money. Rather than chisel the moviegoer, he does everything possible to give people more and better entertainment then they expect to get, So people like the movie, it gets a good review and it makes money.

Here is a simple but powerful rule that will help you to develop the put-service-first-attitude: Always give people more then they expect to get. Each little extra something you do for others is a money seed, giving customers extra service is a money seed because it brings the customer back.

 I hope you will like it. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this post. Thank you!


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