What’s Your State of Mind?

Have you ever use a mental alarm clock for getting up in the morning? Just by saying yourself to time to wake up, how your mind wake up you exactly at that time? Or else have you heard the name of Roger banister that set a record in running? Fifty years ago where experts believed that a mile of running was not possible in less than 4 minute, how Roger Banister broke that record, what was his mindset? How one person’s beliefs change the mindset of everyone? There are lots of examples but one thing is common in all and that is they all had strong self-belief?

Your beliefs, emotion, and habits control by the subconscious mind. We underestimate the power of the subconscious mind just because of our ego (conscious mind). The part of your brain you are aware of is the conscious mind. On the flip side the part of the brain you are unaware of is subconscious. Both mind work together, if not, result is harmful like poor health, destructive relationship, and temper outbursts.

 Most of your habits and emotions haphazardly and usually conditioned in by parents, teachers, peers, TV and recently perhaps computer games, when you were not aware. All this information stored in your subconscious mind forever, if you do not reprogram your subconscious mind.

You can easily access your subconscious mind by an altered state of mind like daydreaming, sleep deprivation, drug-induced hallucinogenic state. Your subconscious mind have 4 states, beta, alpha, theta, delta.

State     Brain wave frequency       Result               Comments
BETA              14- 100                     awake                  very busy
ALPHA           8-13                      meditative            high learning
THETA            4-7                     inspirational          global thinking
DELTA         3 and lower            sleep                  no conscious awareness

We are beta state most of our awake hours; we normally go alpha state many times each day but just for few second. Usually when you are in daydreaming or when you bored, you stared but your concentration did not on the things. When you are in the alpha state you lose track of the time it’s like you may have stared at the wall for 5 minute but you think you were starring just for a second.

Here alpha and theta state are doorways to your subconscious mind and this stage  you can reprogram your subconscious mind . At this time your mind accepts suggestions and command but  these commands are relatively ineffective when your mind is on the beta state, where conscious mind dominates.

To use your subconscious mind effectively, you have to learn to go to the alpha state at will and stay there. Going to alpha state is easy and you naturally go into it many times every day, just for a few seconds. When you wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night, you go from delta to beta and beta to delta respectively; as you do you pass through alpha and theta state. So twice each day you have the opportunity to reprogram your mind!

Hope you enjoy my post. Do share your thoughts in comments below. Thank you!

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