What’s Your State of Mind?

Have you ever use a mental alarm clock for getting up in the morning? Just by saying yourself to time to wake up, how your mind wake up you exactly at that time? Or else have you heard the name of Roger banister that set a record in running? Fifty years ago where experts believedContinue reading “What’s Your State of Mind?”

An Amazing Secrets of Life

Isn’t it quite amazing to know a secret of life? Life is about finding balance. As a car balance on four wheels, so we must learn how to balance four core areas of life like personal life, relationship, working life, and social contribution. Attitude is like pressure in the tire, so if the tire doesContinue reading “An Amazing Secrets of Life”

Create Your Most Wonderful Life

Dare to believe in yourself. Believe that the things you are going to do will work out for you as perfectly as you have imagined them. You must have a clear and compelling vision in your head even before you begin. Visualize your self having reached your goal and already living your dream. Believe inContinue reading “Create Your Most Wonderful Life”